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Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Person With Three Bags and A Luggage

As an overseas student, I came to Melbourne with just a luggage and some bags. However, years after, I had huge trouble in transporting all of my stuff when moving to a new house. One luggage became three luggages, and three bags became tens of other small bags and boxes.

One problem is that I have way too many stuff.

Note: the picture is not mine, it is taken from the internet for example purpose only.

Unnecessary stuff includes excessive number of clothes (including shoes, pants, and other accessories). Most women and some men, including myself often go shopping to renew looks in order to boost up confidence through better self-image.  Yet, I do not seem to have time to actually wear them. Before I know it, I have hundreds of them.

I have this silly thought. I want new good-looking shirt, yet I still have good clothes to wear. Duh, I really want that shirt, so I bought them. Wow, I look good in that shirt. But I still have five other shirts that I rarely wear ( I have the same train of thoughts when I bought those five other shirts!). I ended up wearing one of those five shirts, because I feel guilty of wasting money. Hmm...

My point is, I have to know HOW to organise my closet.
Determine the total number of every category items, and when to clean them (each should have some spares). For instance (considered low income and budget):
Work: 7 Shirts, 3 Pants, 2 Shoes, 4 Ties. Clean every weekend.
Going out: 3 Shirts, 5 T-shirts, 3 Jeans, 3 shorts. Clean every weekend.
Leisure: 3 Tank tops, 7 underwear, 3 shorts.... and so on... you get the idea....
While shopping and when you ended up buying some clothes, you may keep the other clothes for some time and check the FREQUENCY of the usage.

When you know which items you do not want to wear, put it aside and donate them. I suggest this not to encourage wasting money and keep buying, but hey, how many of you could actually withstand the urge to buy new clothes? well.. only those who does not care about fashion.

Note: the picture is not mine, it is taken from the internet for example purpose only.

It is all about QUALITY and not quantity. You only have 7 days in a week to make yourself pretty or handsome, the future is just repetition. That is why, make sure that each day of your life, you WEAR clothes that you LIKE. However, when you update, you need to be selective and LET GO of what you think are less valuable and DONATE them. Do not be GREEDY and hang on to them. Think this way: If I want them all, I will give myself a headache of choosing what to wear. When I finally decided which one to wear, I am guilty of wasting my money on other clothes as I hardly wear them. If I donate them, they will not be wasted and I help people, less headache, more satisfaction.
Still, it is encouraged to shop WISELY!

When you finally understand your own patterns of buying, wearing, and disposing, you will be able to always wear clothes that you like and shoes that you love. You will not have wardrobe full of old and unused clothes. Besides, you are trained to let go stuff and not being greedy. While achieving all those things, you will not feel guilty as you are treating yourself well (with good quality of clothing and updated styles) as well as being responsible to what you have and being generous by donating your old stuff to those in need.

Well, hope that helps! Constructive feedbacks are welcomed. Please leave a comment if you like the post and thank you for reading!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Daily Constructive Quotes

I found this a year ago on Facebook page. It offers continuous post of constructive daily quotes to remind you with what is actually valuable in life. Here is the link


New Year, New Beginning, One More Step to Happiness

Hi guys and girls, happy new year! In this first day of 2014 (in my country it is), I would like to start my own personal style blog. In this first post, I will talk a little about myself and why I start to write this blog.

I am supposed to write this on "about me" section, but this is my first time to actually write a blog and I do not know how to make that section lol. My name here is Van, and I am Indonesian. I am 25 years old now and I currently stay in Melbourne. Please be aware that I like to write in English to reach global community, but my writing competency is as far as 7 band writing score on International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Therefore, please excuse some grammatical errors and if you do not understand what I am writing, you are very welcome to ask.

I want to write this blog because life has never been easy. Oh, whose life does not? While hurricanes of problems strike, my brain which run 100 thought per second keep asking and thinking why these problems are happening. Tough childhood basically made me a very shy, insecure,  pessimistic, negative person. But when I finally went to Melbourne and able to think for my own survival, I gradually learn to tackle those issues (well, still in the process). During those process of thinking, I realise many things, but I am unable to communicate well verbally. I want to share those thinking with friends and people to see whether all these theory in my mind are applicable, right or wrong. If it is wrong, I need someone wise enough to correct, and if it is right, I want other people to benefit from that as well.

Why would I want people to know as well? Looking at this chaotic world, I came into the point where I think this world is overly wicked and evil. I even hoped that this world could end right now. Please I call forth Armageddon!!  Yet it did not come. Thus, I do not have any option rather that taking steps to make MY FREAKIN' LIFE HAPPY. One way of doing that is by helping people, making their life easier.I feel I am worthy when doing so, also I really hope that this world will be a better place to live where people can be themselves, happy, and lively. It is indeed not an easy tasks due to my own ego, peer pressure, life competition, rejection, and many other reasons. But I keep trying and trying. So here I am, presenting to you my first post ever in a blog, my one-more-step to happiness.

Thanks for stopping by and read. Stay tunned! I will share some life experiences, advices, links to websites, maybe tricks lol, and practical guidance or often arguments in a simple "student way". Love to hear your thought about my posts and I would love to receive your constructive feedbacks. Life is very complex and I am trying to talk about life. So, well... God Bless Me... and You all, of course... Happy New Year. Stay Happy:)